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How Honed To Perfection Got Started

Honed To Perfection began as a knife sharpening service for restaurants in and around Iowa City and eastern Iowa. We received so many requests to sharpen scissors that it seemed like a good idea to include it in our services.

We purchased a Wolff Twice-as-Sharp scissor sharpener, trained on its proper usage, and were soon sharpening scissors for So-Fro Fabric stores (now Jo Ann Fabrics) in 18 Midwest cities. Three to four times a year, we'd go around and sharpen hundreds of scissors at each stop.

The Top Name in Sharpening

In September of 1996, Honed To Perfection competed in a shear sharpening certification competition at the National Scissors Sharpeners Guild (NSSG) in Las Vegas.

The shears we were given were distorted with large nicks, bent and crossing tips, a loose finger rest, and blades with no set. Our task was to restore them to a like-new condition.

We passed with exceptional marks and became a certified NSSG Master Sharpener and an NSSG guild member.

Always Striving for Sharpening Excellence

At Honed To Perfection, we attend continuing educational seminars related to our industry, so we're always up to date with the ever-advancing stream of products and equipment that's available to us.

Over the last 10 years, we've sharpened over 100,000 pairs of scissors and shears. Owner, Brennan Baehler, personally sharpens and tests every scissor and shear that comes through his doors and guarantees that you'll always receive the quality work you deserve.

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